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That's ok! We work on several custom orders for our customers. Please feel free to send us an email and let us know what you are looking for. We will do our best to help you find it! Also, take a look at what our customer are saying below!

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I have used multiple products from Back to Eden! My favorite is the "Stress Reliever" roller that Abisha made for me! I keep it in my backpack and use the calming essential oils when I am feeling stressed out, especially at work!


In LOVE with the lavender and frankincense body butter!!! Leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth, as well as restored from the oils. Also have been loving the Acne Buster roller, my skin is clearing up in one of my toughest acne seasons! ( The shop owner is pretty awesome, too)

Ang F

Hannah M


"After being fed up with sore, chapped lips and dry skin in the bitter Wisconsin winter, I purchased the Chai lip balm, Lavender Ginger lip balm, and Frankincense and Lavender Body Butter per Abisha's recommendation. My lips and skin have never felt better! I use the lavender-ginger lip balm on in the morning and enjoy the smell of its essential oils on my way to work. I've been using the Body Butter after my evening showers and as a result, my patches of dry skin faded away after just a few days of use! Plus, the butter feels very soft and warm after applying it; combined with the scent of its essential oils, I find applying it to be a great relaxation method before bed. I keep the Chai chap-stick at work and it's been keeping my lips soft and pain free! I wanted to share these great products with my friends and family, and purchased numerous samples for them before Christmas. Abisha was excellent getting my custom order to me on time for the holidays! Now my friends and family all over the Midwest are enjoying these products. Abisha's knowledge, recommendations, and speedy delivery were excellent and have definitely improved my Wisconsin winter experience!"


I have been using Back to Eden's Moisturizing Lip Balm and Acne Buster this winter, and have been very pleased with the results! When I buy lip balm from the store, my lips are soon dry again, and I reapply dozens of times throughout the day! With Back To Eden's Lip Balm, I find I may reapply once or twice in the morning or the afternoon, but my lips feel moisturized consistently! It works 10x better for me than a store brand.

I was a bit skeptical to use the Acne Buster, since I'm not experienced with essential oils, and I have very sensitive skin. However, since using Acne Buster, my frequent breakouts have reduced to an occasional pimple or two. My skin is clearer, and I avoid the extremes of dry/oily skin that I've struggled with for years. I've been incredibly pleased with my experience with Back to Eden!

Mari T

Olivia B


I ordered a pregnancy blend tea. Besides being delicious, it helped a ton with morning sickness. I will definitely order more teas in the future!


Breanna H

We love Back to Eden products because 1) they work, 2) they smell wonderful 3) no side-effects for us or the planet 4) we know where they come from!  Especially loving the chai lip balm in this dry weather!

Anna Lisa

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"I used the headache blend and I was pretty skeptical thinking I'd just give it a try and see what happens. But to my pleasant surprise it ACTUALLY WORKED! Normally the only thing that ever works for my headaches is excedrin. 
I love how I can use this instead and it be a natural remedy! Looking forward to trying more blends!"

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Tina L

"I had surgery for a meniscus tear and I am unable to use any narcotics for pain. I had a massage just prior to the surgery and he suggested I try Deep Blue. I did and that is the only thing I used for pain and got along great. "

Marcia H

Essential Oils

"Thank you! The Frankincense oil is amazing. Another thing I like is all your products are real and very affordable! Bless you for what you do!"


Pam D

"I had an allergic reaction rash under my arm. I tried several store bought creams and could not get it to clear up. I used Clear All before I went to bed and the next morning, I could already tell a difference. By the next night, the rash was completely cleared up. I used Clear All a total of 3 times and it worked amazing! I am very impressed with this product and would highly recommend it!!"

Trent P

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